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Configurator Maximus The base cabinet in our cabinet configurator set has received several new capabilities that make it close to the only configurator needed by many shops….. so much so, that the name no longer makes much sense. Our original

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Automated Face and Grain Direction with Autodesk Inventor/RouterCIM  The following video demonstrates the ability to override the built-in grain and face direction controls in RouterCIM from within a Autodesk Inventor using Automated Face and Grain Direction techniques that create both

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Placing the Cabinet Configurators In this post, we’ll place the Cabinet Configurators. If you haven’t already read the blog post and seen the video on placing the Room Configurators, you should head over there and see the process from the

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So what exactly is a Configurator? A configurator can generally be classified as one of two major types, a Product Configurator or an Engineering/Design Configurator. Both of them are tools that allow someone to configure something –simple as that. The

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