Screw Conveyor Configurator Tutorial Series

Screw Conveyor Configurator

The Screw Conveyor Configurator tutorial series is underway as the base Tutorial Series in our new Mechanical Web Portal. If you are new to this type of tutorial, there are several of our earlier ones over in our Free Tutorial Section, but in a nutshell they are very long tutorials that start by teaching you the basics — the skeletal modeling that is at the heart of an engineering/product configurator — all the way to the outputs. Along the way you will learn iLogic coding, the creation of multi-solid body layout parts — including multi-solid body sheetmetal layout parts — and a host of other valuable skills. The sub-series of tutorials for screw itself are underway, and we will be moving on to the trough and support structure fairly quickly in the coming weeks.

Controls for a Screw Conveyor ConfiguratorThe controls for the screw — as they are so-far — are shown to the left. The Screw Segments controls the amount of welded screw segments present in the model.

Screw Pitch is self explanatory, but like all of the controls, has min/max limits which will eventually be dictated by CEMA  or company standards.

The Shaft Pipe Size allows choices of standard Sch. 120 pipe for the shaft. The screw segments, bolts, and all other parts change automatically to match the new size. This as well will conform to CEMA  standards as the model progresses.

And lastly (for now) is the Screw Diameter. This control allows the outer diameter to be changed, and is used for testing at this phase of the modeling. Later in the tutorial this value will be controlled via iLogic code based on the the trough — or perhaps it will be the other way around? It can be either way or both depending on the design requirements…… but either way it will be standards driven.

The direction of the Screw Conveyor Configurator tutorial is pretty much open. Off the top of my head, some of the things we will likely include are:

  • Tube & Pipe Runs
  • Electricals
  • FEA
  • Sheet Metal
  • Phantom Parts
  • Automated Bolted Connections

Standard Compliance

We will be using CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) standards for screw conveyors, so we can ‘bake’ the standards right into the Screw Conveyor Configurator, yet still allow modifications that exceed them or are otherwise allowable.

Based on other series tutorials we have created, the Screw Conveyor Configurator tutorial will likely be split into numerous sub-series, and should easily run well over 100 pages. Each sub-series will build on the last until the final configurator model is complete, but never fear, we will supply the completed samples files for use if you wish to skip around a bit. We will be posting updates here in the blog on a regular basis so register with the site to receive updates.

Lastly, if you are a student, you can get a free 3 year student version of Autodesk Inventor over at Autodesk. Go get yourself a copy and let the learning begin!

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