Revit Interoperability in Inventor 2014!

Revit Interoperability has been part of Autodesk Inventor for some time now, but the newest version of Inventor, Inventor 2014, has upped the ante a bit.

They have now added tools to simplify parts and assemblies for export, as well as the ability to export your models directly into Revit format! I worked with this during the beta testing, but that is never quite like the shipped product –and you are sworn to secrecy. So I will be running some tests and posting the findings online as soon as I am done with the yearly task of creating inventor video tutorial lessons for another Autodesk Developer –which has me swamped at the moment.

For now, I did a quick export of a cabinet to Revit to show some of the screens. This first one is of an already simplified cabinet in the Export Building Components environment, where the cabinet is classified and data is filled out. Most of the data can be automated, which I will be working on…


This is the Export Building Components dialog used for Revit Interoperability

Below is the dialog for selecting your OmniClass Product Classification…


The OmniClass choices for Revit Interoperability

And finally, the Revit format .rfa file that the Architect can simply plug into his Revit project…


This is the Revit file created from an Autodesk inventor Cabinet Configurator 3D Model

Most of the postings on this will be at the ADI site, so keep an eye out there as well.