Renaming Configurator Files

To change the file names for a configurator is fairly easy. The first thing to do is open the file explicitly by right clicking on the file in the browser tree, then selecting Open from the context menu…

First, open the configurator file explicitly

 You will now have a window with the opened file. From here, you go to the Application Menu in the upper left of the program, and select Save As > Save Copy As

Save a copy of the configurator file as the new name you desire

The directory where the original is stored should open. Save the file as whatever you wish in that same directory so it is easier to get rid of the originals when you are done. You can change directories as well if you know what you are doing and have a need. Now that you have an identical copy of your file, right click on the same file in the browser, and select Component > Replace from the context menu…

Replace the original configurator file with the new copy

Now go back to the folder where you saved your file, and double click the file…

 Double click the new configurator file


The configurator file is correct if you did things correctly

It will appear as though nothing has changed because browser names are NOT file names. They start out having the file’s name, but you can change them to whatever you wish. If you right click the same file you just replaced and open it explicitly, you will see that the file is in fact the renamed file. That’s all there is to it…… unless you want to rename the browser nodes as well. Doing that will cause the model to error unless you do a search and replace in the code. If there is enough interest, I’ll write a tutorial showing the steps.



That’s all there is to it, but as is the case with any complicated model, tread lightly and run the model here and there to make sure all is well. Good luck!





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