Placing and Configuring the Rooms

Now double-click Exam 4, and you can see that the closet is now a subassembly. I could have placed the closet as a subassembly in the first place, but it was easier this way to get it adjusted. Either way is fine. Note that if you ever accidentally place a room inside of another room, just reverse this procedure and drag it out to the top level.

I can now open this entire room as one entity just like the others –which is how you would likely work on the cabinetry and millwork if applicable…

The next room will be the Office. Because if the jog in the wall, I’ll place this one as two parts for the main room, and one for the closet. I’ll place the largest section –the one against the North wall of the Overall Model first. All the dimensions I need are on the drawing…

This first section has the picture window on the north wall, and the door on the South wall is set to full height to create the opening. The second part has the North wall shut off, and the door openings for the room and closet

And finally, the closet…

Now I renamed the new models Office Extension and Office Closet, set their BOM Structure to Reference, and dragged them into the main Office assembly. 

4 comments on “Placing and Configuring the Rooms
  1. Robert Thresher says:

    This all looks really great, however do we work with odd shaped rooms, and or curved walls?

  2. Mark says:

    The odd shaped wall is addressed later in this tutorial, but if you have something really unusual you would need to go in and use Inventor to modify the room. Same with the cabinets. If there is a specific room shape you need shown, that would make a good tutorial one I am done with the basic tutorials.

  3. Robert Thresher says:

    How do we manage colors, I admit to not being the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to inventor. The video’s show everything in gray. What if we want to show the customer, or print out the design to take to the customer? How do we manage the colors for that?

    • Mark says:

      I will be adding more colors to the material library as soon as I can. Right now, the models should be either white or black –but the white may look gray. I’ll see about doing a quick tutorial on adding materials and colors when I get back to my office this PM.

      The latest version of the model is on the ftp site ready for download as well.