Placing and Configuring the Rooms

Now we will place the Reception room. From the drawing we can see that it is 10’ -0” x 9’ -3”. Place the room exactly as before (Place iLogic Component), the only difference being the form of entry. Use feet and inches as seen in the image of the Place iLogic Component dialog to the right…

Use the compass on the view cube to get your directions correct.

The room will be in the correct orientation and size, it just needs to be constrained in place. Start the Constrain tool and switch the Solution (lower right) to Flush. Click the inner face of the East Wall on the Reception room and the Overall Model

Then click Apply. Now click both inner South Wall’s and click Apply again. Lastly, click the top of the Floor on both models then click OK to finish. Change the name in the browser to Reception, then right click the room’s name and change the BOM Structure to Reference. Save the file.

The Window Opening on the South Wall of this room  needs to match that of the one in the Overall Model, and there is a door and pass-through on the West Wall. Remember that you need to double click the room to make it the active assembly, then use its form to enter the following:

South Wall:

  • Window
    • Width = 96”
    • Height = 52”
    • From Floor = 28”
    • Opening Right = 0”

West Wall:

  • Door
    • Width = 36”
    • Height = 80”
    • Opening Right = 5”
  • Window
    • Width = 48”
    • Height = 52”
    • From Floor = 28”
    • Opening Right = 62”

Close the form after clicking Apply, then save the file. Now place the Waiting Room. 


Tip: Make sure you finish all edits and are at the top level before placing any rooms, or you will place the room within another.


The room is EW 15’ -4” and NS 10’ -0”. Remember to use the Place ilogic Component command, not the normal Place command. Constrain it to the South and West walls and the Floor. This time, use the measure tool to figure out where the openings on the South wall. You will find that you can measure to the buried door, or just use the door info from the Overall Model. For the West wall, just turn it off at the top of the West Wall tab.

North Wall

  • Door
    • Width = 49.5”
    • Height = 80”
    • Opening Right = 9”

You can see in the image above with the waiting room active that the West Wall Visibility is turned off. Change the browser name to Waiting, and change the BOM Structure to Reference.

I am now going to place three of the exam rooms because they are placed and configured in the exact same manner as those already placed. No need to see that again…… but keep in mind that when you are placing your rooms:

    • If there are multiple rooms of the same size, open the Standard Room or other Configurator you wish to place (you will likely create your own specialty room configurators as time passes), configure, save, and close the configurator before placing. It will save time and avoid mistakes.
    • Use the Place iLogic Component command to place. If you place with the normal Place command, every instance you place will be an instance of the master, and all configurations will
    • Place the Standard Room or other CONFIGURATOR (not an already placed copy). You can copy and paste instances of configurators, but you must be sure that all instances will always be identical. Any adjustment of a multiple instance will affect all instances.
    • When placing a room (or any other configurator where you want only one instance), click to place the room, then hit the ESC key to end the command.
    • ALWAYS close your forms after configuring. If you leave them open, you will almost definitely be configuring the wrong room or cabinet and not know why the one you think you are configuring is responding. Whenever a configurator is active, opening a form on the Form tab of the iLogic browser will open the correct version.
    • Set the BOM Structure to Reference on all rooms and other things you are not producing. I will make that automatic on rooms as soon as I can.

It would probably be a good idea to copy and paste the above into a Word file and print it up as a cheat sheet. Tape it to the wall until the knowledge is solidified. Back to the Medical Depot job. I opened the Standard Room.iam Configurator, sized it to 10’ x 10’, then saved and closed it. I then placed (as iLogic Component), constrained, and configured Exam Rooms 1, 2, and 3…

4 comments on “Placing and Configuring the Rooms
  1. Robert Thresher says:

    This all looks really great, however do we work with odd shaped rooms, and or curved walls?

  2. Mark says:

    The odd shaped wall is addressed later in this tutorial, but if you have something really unusual you would need to go in and use Inventor to modify the room. Same with the cabinets. If there is a specific room shape you need shown, that would make a good tutorial one I am done with the basic tutorials.

  3. Robert Thresher says:

    How do we manage colors, I admit to not being the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to inventor. The video’s show everything in gray. What if we want to show the customer, or print out the design to take to the customer? How do we manage the colors for that?

    • Mark says:

      I will be adding more colors to the material library as soon as I can. Right now, the models should be either white or black –but the white may look gray. I’ll see about doing a quick tutorial on adding materials and colors when I get back to my office this PM.

      The latest version of the model is on the ftp site ready for download as well.