Mechanical Web Portal

Click the Team Web icon to access the Mechanical Web PortalMechanical Web Portal is Your Place to Learn Configurator Creation!

Welcome! We are kicking off our new Mechanical Web Portal with a very long Series Tutorial series based on a Screw Conveyor which is tentatively called the Screw Conveyor Tutorial Series …of all things.

You are probably asking: what exactly is the Mechanical Web Portal? The answer is that the Mechanical Web Portal is cloud based Autodesk Inventor learning experience that opens up directly within Autodesk Inventor by clicking on the Team Web icon located on the My Home tab. It’s right there whenever you need it!

The Screw Conveyor Tutorial Series is currently being developed, and it’s progress can be followed in our blog….but don’t let the “being developed” part of the equation deter you from beginning your learning experience, the tutorials are developed at a pretty rapid pace, and by participating ‘live’, your input could actually influence the direction of the series!

Whether you join us now or want to wait and see, we would appreciate your input. We will be posting articles and videos describing the progress of the Screw Conveyor Tutorial Series, and any comments you may have right on each post will help us to develop the tutorials based on your needs.

We are also creating a test that measures your proficiency in the skills required to create product/engineering/sales configurators using Autodesk Inventor and iLogic, and will issue a certificate of competency to those passing muster.

Stop back here often for news on new tutorials that are added to the Mechanical Web Portal, or if you have any questions or an idea for a new tutorial series or other learning need, use the form below to shoot us a line, and we’ll see what can be done.

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