Ladder Configurator Beta

Welcome to the ladder configurator beta page. We will be replacing this page with the final version at a point when the underlying CAD Engine is complete and the controls are fully functional/positioned. Any feedback you have would be appreciated!

Currently we have a dumbed-down version of the pricing running, but that feature in the final version calculates every aspect of the design to come up with a very accurate number. More on that when the final version is posted. Another feature that is not fully implemented is the Bracket controls (Bracket Adjust button). We have just started work on those, so they have some functionality, but not much yet. The final version will allow individual manipulation of every aspect of every bracket, including whether they are present or not — currently we have the brackets turned off completely until the feature can be fully implemented.

Give it a try by clicking the little green buttons to see what the controls do, or just start changing stuff. Click the update button to run the model to it’s new configuration. Use your mouse to drag and rotate the model, zoom with your mouse wheel, and/or use the controls on the right…

Of course there doesn’t need to be an ‘Order Now’ button. That can be a request for quote, or whatever else you wish. If you want to test the credit card portal, enter 4242424242424242 for the card number, or click the little yellow ‘test mode’ button in the upper right corner for a ton of other tests. The full featured version will be up-and-running soon, and will replace this beta version, but there will be some incremental updates along the way as well. If you are new to configurators, here are a few of the possibilities:

  • Your configurator will be styled to match your website exactly…..or however you want it to look. It’s entirely up to you. The Custom Ladder Configurator above was created specifically to fit the width of this fixed-width website, but full width or even vertical orientation is possible.
  • Your configurator will be created for your product exactly. Any type of controls are possible for any type of option.
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, and CAD possible.
  • Pretty much any type of output can be configured from glossy prints and a quote for the customer, to automated construction drawings, DXF’s, PDF’s etc for the stakeholders on the company side.
  • Any payment option can be used including your existing service if applicable. The example our Custom Ladder Configurator above uses Stripe — you can also generate a RFQ or even connect live with a sales person.
  • Help can be static or can include real-time tracking of users on your site for dynamic help and/or better knowledge of your client’s needs.

There is a lot more to this, but we’ll save that for the final page and the accompanying YouTube video. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to give us a call at 608.648.3974 or use our contact form to start the conversation as to how your company can move forward with your own product design/sales configurator today!