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Welcome to the Inventor Tutorials page.

This is where you will find all of the non-series Autodesk Inventor Tutorials. These tutorials are self-standing whereby they do not have a prerequisite tutorial that they depend on, nor do they have a followup tutorials to compete a series. Use the links below or the drop-down to the right to navigate, and have fun!

Information Errors

This set of Inventor Tutorials (four pages) focuses on tracking down and fixing the elusive ‘Information Error’. For someone new to Inventor, these errors can be very frustrating as there is no real help in Help –even if you can find the correct subject. Also, there is no tool-tip when hovering your mouse over the icon, and nothing in the right mouse click context menu related to the problem. You may end up with a ton of these icons and no idea how to proceed!

Navigating Inside Solid Bodies

This installment in our group of Inventor Tutorials teaches the fine art of navigation within solid bodies — an important task for those that do Skeletal Modeling. Inventor has some quirks whereby some people may never have known that you can fly around inside of your solids to work on the details of your skeleton.

iLogic Rule for Text Manipulation

This final installment in these Inventor Tutorials is based on some work I did for FastenMaster a good while back. It’s pretty sweet and worth giving a try. From the tutorial:

“It was quite easy to write the original code for these parts, but suppression/unsupression of features is probably the thing that causes Inventor to bog down the most. At any rate, all the extra features creates a lot of bloat in the code as can be seen in the code blocks below”

Inventor Tutorials

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