Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 29

Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 29 – Conclusion – Testing The Model

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Twenty Nine Image 01- The Completed iDoorNow you may want to rotate the model into an upright position (watch the view cube), and change he Home View to this orientation.

There are numerous other possibilities for this door that will be explored in coming tutorials, but for now, we will call it done. except for the testing.

In real life, a door such as this would rarely have any of the parameters change beyond the Opening_Width and Opening_Height, but in custom cabinet shops, there are always exceptions; especially when Islands and Bars are part of the overall design.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are no Min/Max controls on Inventor parts unless you program the part with iLogic— which will be included in another tutorial.

What this means is that if you were to set the width or height parameters smaller than the sum of the parts in-between, bad things will happen. The same goes for making the rail or stile sum larger than can be accommodated without making the panel profiles disappear. Another case of bad things happening…

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Twenty Nine Image 02 - Errors occurred during update

…but that’s what the undo button is for.

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