Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 21

Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 21 – Completing the Panel Cutter Sketch

Now a Coincident Constraint will be placed between the end of the line just drawn and the top of the non-construction geometry vertical line as is shown in the image on the lower left.

Note: I got some unexpected behavior when doing this–the short non-construction line hinged downward instead of the construction line compressing downwards as it should have. If this happens (first time I have seen it, and it worked on the very same sketch earlier in the day!) hit undo and drag the pair of lines downwards until they are below the construction line that you are trying to add a coincident constraint to, then add the coincident constraint.

The completed procedure is shown on the right hand image. The status bar should report a fully constrained condition.

          Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Twenty One Image 01 - From this pointInventor Tutorial iDoor Page Twenty One Image 02 - To the end of this line

The next step is to create a Three Point Arc between the two non-construction lines as shown below. Click on the Three Point Arc on the Draw panel, and click the bottom of the vertical line and the left end of the horizontal line, then adjust the arc until the the Tangent Constraint Glyph shows a tangent condition between the arc and the horizontal line, and click to create the arc. the sketch will be fully constrained and the arc should be blue.

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Twenty One Image 03 - Three Point Arc

There are only three more lines needed to finish this sketch, and they will all be drawn in one continuous operation. Starting at the top of the vertical line over on the left, start a new line going upwards a short distance (a half inch or so), click to set the segment, then go perpendicular to the right until  a dashed line appears that tells you you are directly above the points that lie below, then click to end the segment. The last segment goes to the lower point. Make sure you get the green dot indicating a constraint will be made, then click to end the line tool. the finished sketch is on the next page…

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Twenty One Image 04 - The last LinesInventor Tutorial iDoor Page Twenty One Image 05 - The last segment

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