Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 12

Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 12 – Sketching the Raised Panel Continued

Before starting the panel sketch, I will be turning off the visibility of the Panel Sketch Plane. You can leave it on if you wish if you need it for orientation. Then you will need to rotate the model so that you can see one of the Panel Profile points as well as how it relates to the overall skeleton. Something similar to the orientation shown below will work, but use whatever you like. The arrow shows the point location.

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Twelve Image 01 - Location of the projected point.

Now grab a hold of the Line tool and draw a line next to the point. the location is not important as long as its near the point. When drawing a line there is a little ball that will be next to your cursor before you click to begin, then at the end of the line until you click again. If it is yellow as shown below, it means that it is not constrained to anything. This line will have a yellow ball at both ends as it is free floating at this point. Also notice that the Constraint Glyph shows a Horizontal constraint (looks like a dash below the end of the line) will be added if the line was terminated at the point shown. You will need to see the Glyph like this before ending the line.

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Twelve Image 02 - Drawing the line

Make a line the same way near the point on the other side.  Notice in the image below that the size and exact locations of the lines is not important at this point. We will be constraining them to the points and adding parameters in the next step…

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Twelve Image 03 - Lines compleated

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