Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 07

Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 07 – Starting the Stile Profiles – Continued

The finished right stile sketch will look like the one below. Click on the image to open an image in a new browser window that shows the same sketch with the dimensions set to show Equations. The equations are the parameters that need to be used for the different elements of the sketch. Also, I made a crappy video that can be ignored (next page).

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Seven Image 01 - Right Stile Profile

BInventor Tutorial iDoor Page Seven Image 02 - Collinear Constraintesides the parameters that were manually added to the sketch during creation, there are vertical and horizontal constraints on every line that were added as the sketch was drawn (via the constraint glyphs that were accepted). There are also less obvious constraints such as a Colinear Constraint
between the two lines that lead into and out of the panel groove (the big slot on the left side). That constraint is added by grabbing the Colinear Constraint tool from the Constrain Panel and clicking on both lines. The image to the right shows constraint visibility turned on for both lines….

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Seven Image 03 - Detail Of The Quarter Round Sketch


….the quarter round bead detail is kept in place by applying a vertical constraint from it’s center point to the top end point, and a horizontal constraint from the same center point to the lower end point. If all is well, the status bar will say “full Constrained’ the image below will take you to an image of the sketch with everything turned on. Its always a mess when Show All Constraint is selected (right click during sketching) but you can see all of the Horizontal and Vertical constraints that were added automatically. Continued….

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Seven Image 04 - View All Constraints

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