Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 04

Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 04 – Adding Parameters and Starting the Stile Profiles

What we have so-far is a visual representation of the door opening. The door itself will be created inside of this. Activate the Layout sketch (double click on it) and find the Point command on the Draw Panel (on the Sketch tab, which should be active). Click three times inside of the rectangle to create three Points roughly as shown. Don’t get anal about the placement, just use the image below as your guide.


Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Four Image 01 - The Sketch Points Placed

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Four Image 02 - Adding Gap ParametersThe points will be used to create the planes that the stiles will be drawn on, and will control the gaps on all four sides of the door. We will now use the Insert_Gap parameter as well as Horizontal and Vertical constraints to precisely position the points. Starting with the lower right point, add a dimension to both the horizontal and vertical lines using the Insert_Gap parameter for both. The point will now be 1/16″ from the lines in both directions. The next step is to add a Horizontal constraint between both of the lower points. grab the Horizontal constraint tool and click on both of the lower points to achieve this. Because the right-hand point is fully constrained, the left one will move to match its horizontal positioning. If you were to try to dimension the left-hand point to the bottom line you would either get a message warning of an over constrained condition; with an option to create a driven dimension, or, it will just create a driven dimension (if you have the program set up that way). The last of the three dimensions on the lower points is to add a dimension from the left point to the left vertical line of the rectangle.

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