Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 03

Inventor Tutorial for the iDoor – 03 – Finishing the Layout Sketch and Adding new Parameters

Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Three Image 01 - Adding parameters in Autodesk InventorThe next step is to add the two dimensions that will fully constrain the rectangle. grab the General Dimension tool from the Constrain Panel panel of the ribbon and select the right line of the rectangle and pull off to the side and click where you want the dimension placed.The Edit Dimension dialog box will open up. Click the little arrow to the right of the dimension entry area to get more options, then select List Parameters as shown in the image to the right.


A list of all of the parameters you entered earlier will pop up, and you need to select Opening_Height, then click on the little green arrow to accept your choice.

If the rectangle you drew was small, it will now zoom up to the 24″ that the Opening_Height parameter was set to earlier. The fastest way to zoom back out is to use your scroll wheel to do so (if applicable), otherwise use the Zoom All command located on the Navigation Toolbar (the vertical toolbar below the View Cube). The Zoom All command is also available on the Navigate Panel of the View Tab. Now would be a good time to set the views for this model. If you don’t know how, there is a quick tutorial called Creating New Default Views In Autodesk Inventor that you can use to do so.

Now that full rectangle is in view again, grab the Dimensions tool again and select the top line and click to place the dimension. Repeat the procedure to add a parameter to the dimension, this time using the Opening_Width parameter. If you are using a white background, your rectangle should be blue, and it should say ‘ Fully Constrained ‘ in the lower right hand corner of the screen.


Inventor Tutorial iDoor Page Three Image 02 - Fully Constrained Sketch


Now we need to add another Parameter. Open the parameter window and create a new parameter called Insert_Gap with the equation .0625. The Unit and Export boxes can be left blank, and the Comment is Company Standard.


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