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Inventor How-To for Mirroring Solid Bodies Image 06 - Compleated 3D ModelA How-to is a brief, to-the-point tutorial covering a narrow subject such as using a specific tool, how to perform a difficult procedure with a specific tool, how to solve a problem, etc.

Mirror Multi Solid-Bodies

From the tutorial: “This Inventor How-To will demonstrate how the workflow for creating multiple Solid-Bodies in a single part file is quite simple in most cases. Mirror is a bit convoluted, but I’ll show you how to do that as well”

Cut Multiple Solids

Cutting multiple solids is a task required with most multi-solid body workflows. This how-to will take you through the steps needed to get the job done.

How-to create new template tabs in Autodesk InventorCreate a Template

This how-to will guide you through the steps needed to create templates and template folders like the Acme Widget folder and templates shown in the image to the right. This is an incredibly powerful, but often overlooked ability baked right into Inventor.

Create a Plane on Point

From the Plane on Point How-to: “The point in a Plane on Point operation can be an actual Point drawn using the Point, Center Point tool from the Draw panel in Inventor, or it can be a corner of a solid body, the centerpoint of a circle, or the end of a line.”

How-to Use a Custom Background

This how-to tutorial shows you step-by-step how to use your own custom background in Autodesk Inventor.  This allows you to apply company branding directly on the desktops of your CAD workstations!

There are Student and Trial Versions of Inventor available over at Autodesk for those who do not already own a copy.

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