For complex organic shapes, laser scanning is the only way to accurately capture the shape of the subject of the reverse engineering procedure, but in almost all instances the scan information needs to be blended with parametric modeling based on measurements with calipers, rulers, etc., and may require surface modeling to fill in any blanks in the scan process.

The resultant models are fully parametric Autodesk Inventor models (assemblies, parts, etc) and can be used to;

  • Reproduce obsolete, worn, or broken parts (trains, planes, and automobile parts for example)
  • Capture as-built state of projects
  • Create assembly videos
  • Create illustrations or photorealistic renderings
  • Create molds
  • Print the item in 3D (metal, plastics, organics, etc.)
  • Machine replacement parts
  • Create tooling
  • Perform stress analysis
  • Create production drawings and machine output

…or whatever other function you desire of a fully parametric 3D model. We can even take things a step further and build a full-fledged configurator from your Reverse Engineered model.

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