Pre Laser Scanning Services

Pre laser scanning services are the consulting services determine what the desired end result of the laser scanning will be. With this in place, the laser scanning can be done with a specific set of goals in mind, minimizing or eliminating the need for rescans. This service is not required, but should be considered unless you are certain that all of the required information will be captured. 

Post Laser Scanning Services

The majority of the Laser Scanning services here at Applied Design Intelligence are post-scan. In other words, we do not do the actual laser scanning part of the equation. We leave that to the best in the business, our partners at Laser Design Inc. Our job is to take the raw data from the Laser Scan, and interpret the data. Some of the desired end products of  laser scanning are:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Parametric Model Creation
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Laser Tracking

…but to get to the results listed above, a skilled 3D modeler must work with the scan results to create a composite model that achieves the desired goals of the scan. For scans of organic objects such as a face, the blanks left by the scan are filled in by an artist who works in a surface modeling program such as 3Ds Max or Maya. For most things that need to be manufactured, a skilled parametric designer/engineer working in Autodesk Inventor is the way to go, and is what we do here.

In all cases, the laser scanning itself gathers precise point information from the desired object –usually something that cannot be readily measured by more conventional measuring tools, and saves the information in a format that can be read by the target program. In most cases from there, we would create a top-down multi-sold body layout part based parametric model. The modeling can go as far as production ready output or can be left very simple for further work by your own designers. Whatever you need, we can do it.

A Post Laser Scan Example

In this image of a  we demonstrate how design intent is captured. Click the image below, then notice the features in the browser window (left portion of the image)…

The Laser Scanning is actually the easy part. Once scanned, a skilled professional must work with the raw data to develop a fully parametric, fully featured model.The model above also includes a simple configurator that changes the height between three different configurations, but a fully featured configurator can be developed as part of the model creation process if desired. The dialog within the image shows the parameters that were created to define the model.

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