Drafting Services at Applied Design IntelligenceDrafting Services at ADI

Our Drafting Services are a sound and affordable solution that will allow your company to concentrate on your core business objectives while we create your CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) output that meets International Standards. We offer the following CADD services:

Paper to Electronic Conversion

We will accurately reproduce your paper legacy drawings into AutoCAD digital format, with the following benefits:

  • Reduce Clutter – Archive those piles and cabinets full of paper drawings (fire hazard!). All of your converted files will likely fit on a flash drive the size of a peanut shell.
  • Reuse Designs –  Having digital versions of your legacy designs
  • Searchable – Having your drawings in digital format allows you to organize them for quick searchability.
  • Save History – The paper versions of your drawings are slowly turning to dust. Archival frame the best, and digitize the rest!
  • Archive for Posterity – Multiple digital versions can be easily and cheaply be created and can be stored in a waterproof/fireproof data safe assuring your design legacy lives on for a very long time. 

2D to 3D Conversion

With our Drafting Services, you can turn your 2D digital or paper drawings into 3D parametric models!  If you have not yet made the move to parametric modeling, or if you have, but still have a pile of legacy data that needs to be updated, we can help. The procedure is quite straight-forward. We translate your legacy material into 3D features and parameters. Other 2D to 3D conversion services are available as well.

Our Drafting Services can also be plain old AutoCAD drafting to lighten your load during those busy times or perhaps you can treat us as a recurring temporary employee without all of the hassle and expense. If you need any of the above services or perhaps something not listed, please contact us with the details today!