2D to 3D Drawing Conversion Services at ADI

Our 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion service consists of out talented modeling team using your digital or paper CADD drawings as a blueprint to develop a virtual 2D prototype in the form of an Autodesk Inventor Parametric 3D Solid Model. The amount of feature detail and parameterization is up to you –the 2D to 3D conversion can be anything from a history free shrink-wrapped base solid to a full-fledged configurator. You decide, but feel free to ask questions! We are here to help!

2D to 3D Drawing Conversion benefits and possibilities:

  • Floor plans from any source can be made into a 3D model that can be “walked through” to get a better feel for the design.
  • Simple sketches by non-engineers can be turned into complex parametric models
  • Automatic BOM information (parametric model)
  • CAM data for your machines
  • Get data such as volume, surface area, mass, and center of gravity at the click of a button
  • Perform FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and other testing
  • Find problem areas and interferences in your designs
  • Convert to a BIM model in Revit format! Now your customers can simply add your product to a BIM design!
  • Your designs can now be 3D printed!
  • Reduce employee related hiring costs!
  • Models can be photo realistically rendered for product literature, business proposals, etc.
  • Completed modes can be converted to a host of engineering formats including Revit, Solid Works, Catia, etc.
  • PDF and image file formats can be created from the new model

 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion for New Parametric Adopters

2D to 3D Drawing Conversion is a vital part of the adoption of parametric modeling, but can bog a company down recreating the past when you should be moving forward to maximize the inherent benefits you switched to parametric 3D modeling for in the first place! Let us deal with bringing your past forward while you focus on moving forward!

Format of 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion

A 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion can encompass the conversion of individual parts only, or can include creation of either old-school bottom-up assembles or  more modern (and stable) top-down skeletal modeled assembles. Your choice, and we will consult with you to figure out the modeling schema that best fits your needs and budget.

2D to 3D Drawing Conversion will allow you to compete

Don’t be left behind in the global economy. Those old 2D designs just don’t cut it anymore. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion needs! Please see our 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion blog post (with video) for more detail!


 Whether you are a little one-man shop or a global conglomerate, your 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion will get the full attention to detail that ADI prides itself upon. Contact us today with your needs!