We are experts at Autodesk Inventor Content Creation!

Our Inventor content creation services include (but are not limited to):
  • Basic Modeling
  • Parametric Modeling
  • iLogic Driven Parametric Modeling
  • 2D to 3D Conversions
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Drafting

Basic 3D Modeling

Basic 3D modeling is our term for the rapid creation of 3D models specifically for the underlying production drawings with no design intent or regard for the reuse of the resultant models. It is not recommended for anything other than emergency ‘get it out the door’ modeling, but is necessary in some instances. Basic 3D modeling is generally a combination of bottom-up modeling using existing models, and top-down modeling for the majority of what we produce, but the project determines the methodology.

As sloppy as we believe this method to be, it will be quite stable, and is in fact far better than many of the modeling schemas we see implemented as company standards –sometimes quite large companies!

Parametric 3D Modeling

Parametric 3D modeling is modeling designed for reuse by employing global parameter sets to assure compatibility of current models with future models. It records design intent at every step along the way to facilitate the easy deciphering of the model’s structure by those who come later, and uses best practice modeling techniques that assure long-tem stability.

We use a combination of top-down (wherever possible) and bottom-up modeling techniques to assure a stable, log-lived model that will serve your companies needs for many years to come.

iLogic Driven Parametric 3D Modeling

iLogic Driven Parametric 3D modeling is the same modeling techniques and attention to design intent as described for Parametric 3D Modeling above, with the added twist of rules based logic. The rules can be as simple as a switch that changes between edge profiles to a full blown product configurator. Anything is possible when we start adding rules to your designs.

2D to 3D CADD Conversion Services

If you have 2D drawings –either electronic or paper, that need to be converted to 3D models of any type, we can do the job. We will create 3D models to exacting standards assuring that your companies designs transition smoothly into the present with a clear path to the future. Your new models will allow you to create beautiful photo-realistic renderings, use your designs in BIM libraries, and a host of other benefits. Move that pile of expensive, aging data into the new century today!

Reverse Engineering

We can create 3D models from existing products using precise measurements, laser scanning, or a combination of both.


Yes, we do offer good old fashioned drafting! Just contact us with your needs and we’ll go from there!

If you don’t see what you need here just contact us to work something out.



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