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Inventor Tutorial  for Information Errors  – Fixing The Error

In the Edit Sketch Block mode, you can see that there 5 sick sketches. This is because for some odd reason, Inventor stripped out the names from the parameters in the block when the link to the original block was broken. What was a driven dimension, the .625″ one on the right, is now a redundant dimension causing an over constrained condition on all of the four dimensions that describe the parameters of the profile.

Inventor Tutorial Information Errors Page Three Image 01 - Inventor Sick Sketch

I simply deleted the .625″ formerly driven dimension, which solved the problem…

Inventor Tutorial Information Errors Page Three Image 02 - Fixed sick sketch

…then re-added the driven dimension as it will be needed later.

Inventor Tutorial Information Errors Page Three Image 03 - Recreating a driven dimension

Inventor Tutorial Information Errors Page Three Image 04 - The Final Browser Bar View





Now pull the EOP back down to the bottom of the feature tree and all should be well.

Solving your particular problem…

Fixing the problem as soon as you notice it is the best practice, but in my latest adventure with this particular error, it was off screen when it happened. A little ‘I’ that lights up would be a nice addition —maybe located next to the Sketch Doctor’s red cross? At any rate, If you catch these things shortly after they happen you will have a better chance of figuring out the fix as you are more likely to know what caused it. You can use the undo command as well to zero in on the problem as well.

If, after you roll down the EOP after fixing one error (or group of errors), and you find you have further errors, just move the EOP up to the next error and start the procedure again.

If you have an error that you cannot fix and are willing to allow the fix procedure to be published, just let me know and I’ll give it a shot.


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