iLogic Tutorials at Applied Design Intelligence

The iLogic tutorials to the right all focus on Autodesk Inventor iLogic. For those of you who haven’t heard of iLogic yet, the following excerpt from way back in 2009 when Autodesk acquired iLogic describes what it is quite well…

Exclusively available for Autodesk Inventor Subscription customers, the Inventor iLogic Extension 2009 enhances the parametric design capabilities of Inventor 2009 software by providing a powerful and elegant solution for rules‐based design. With its easy‐to‐use rules authoring capabilities and an intuitive user interface seamlessly integrated with Inventor, Inventor iLogic shatters barriers to automating tedious design tasks and adds higher levels of design intelligence to your digital prototypes.

Inventor iLogic enables Inventor users to easily create “smart” parts and assemblies that define multiple product configurations and automatically update in real‐time based on logical relationships between design parameters such as mass, volume, dimensional values, material types, feature and component activation or suppression, patterns, and many more.

For example, Inventor iLogic lets you easily create a design rule that lengthens a cross‐beam, adds an additional support strut, and changes the material of the entire structure from aluminum to steel if the mass of the load it supports exceeds 200 kg. This simple example barely scratches the surface of Inventor iLogic’s exciting capabilities.

Without Inventor iLogic, writing such design rules in raw programming language would require hundreds or thousands of lines of code. This is a time‐consuming and error‐prone process for expert programmers, and next to impossible for anyone with less than expert programming skills. Inventor iLogic dramatically simplifies rules‐based design with easy to use, clickable tools that any Inventor user working at the individual and engineering workgroup level can use – even those with little or no programming experience.

Autodesk recently acquired the original iLogic technology from Autodesk Authorized Developer Logimetrix, Inc., who previously offered iLogic for up to $4,300 USD per license as an Autodesk Inventor 2009 Certified add‐in. Autodesk is pleased to address this common Inventor customer request and add additional value to your investment in Autodesk Subscription.