iLogic Tutorial From Autodesk – 01

Open a Part Document

First, make sure that the “iLogic 2010 Tutorials” project is active. This will provide easier access to the relevant files, and will support the work in the next tutorial.

Now that the project is set, open Manifold_Block_no_rules.ipt. This is the part that model rules will be added to throughout this tutorial.

To avoid making changes to this file, so you can easily get back to the original, first save this file as a new part file, named manifold_block.ipt. Use the Save As command to save the file. You should now have the manifold_block.ipt file open in Inventor:

iLogic Manifold Block Tutorial

Introduction to the Sample Model

The model that we will work with throughout this tutorial is a simple manifold block. This block contains a set of 3 available ports. These ports are referred to as “A”, “B”, and “C”. Each port is on a different side of a simple block. Each port consists of a center hole (of variable size), and a set of surrounding threaded bolt holes, which will be used to mount union caps in a later tutorial.

This manifold block is capable of being either a “tee”-style block, which has all 3 ports, or an “elbow”-style block, with only 2 ports. Also, we can either create a standard block, which we could order off the shelf, or a custom block, which we would manufacture ourselves. A standard block uses the same size for each of its ports, whereas a custom block can have different sizes for each of the ports.

Finally, the part contains an embedded Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which is used to specify the values for various parameters as the port sizes are changed.

Now, let’s start adding additional parameters to the model to support the rules well write later.

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