Testing the iLogic Rules

Now that you’ve completed all the iLogic rules in your assembly, you can test them to see if all are working properly and producing the desired results. Testing can be done by changing the current parameter values using the iLogic Parameters dialog.

Click the iLogic Parameters icon in the iLogic panel bar or toolbar. From the Parameters dialog, select “Key” from the Parameter Filters list to view only the key parameters defined earlier in this tutorial:

iLogic Rules Parameter Editor

Change the block parameter value from “tee” to “elbow” (click in some other cell or hit Tab to apply the change). Note how the model changes according to the rules:


iLogic Rules


Next, change port_a_size to some other value. Since component_type is set to “standard”, the other two port sizes will also change, and the entire manifold size will change.

As these changes are made, the PartNumber.xls spreadsheet will also be updated. Open it with Excel for viewing and validation that the cell values reflect the current state of the model.

This completes this tutorial.


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