Create the Port C Rule

The iLogic rule for Port C is almost exactly the same as the rule for Port A, with the difference being that everything that referenced Port A needs to reference Port C instead. The quick way to create this rule would be to copy and paste, find and replace the Port A references with Port C references. Let’s get started.

  • Click on the iLogic Tree Editor
  • Double click on port_a_rule
  • Using your left mouse button, highlight the entire rule · Press Ctrl+C to copy the rule text
  • Click OK on the rule editor dialog box
  • Click OK to close the iLogic Tree Editor
  • Click Add Rule · Enter the name port_c_rule
  • Click OK · In the rule editor click in the rule text pane so your cursor appears
  • Press Ctrl+V to paste the rule that we copied from port_a_rule
  • Click on the Search and Replace tab

Replace iLogic Rule Dialog Box

  • In Find what: type port_a
  • In Replace with: type port_c
  • Check off Match Case
  • Check off Match whole word only
  • Click on Replace All in This Rule
  • Click OK on the dialog box, this rule is up to date.

Before you continue, save the file.

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