Create the Port_B_Rule

Port B is a special case compared to ports A and C. This is because port B does not exist when the manifold block is an elbow style. If the manifold block is an elbow style, we will need to suppress the union cap and the union screws used for Port B. We will also need to suppress the mates associated to the union cap. One other item before we go on with writing a rule is that we have to set a LOD (level of detail) because we will be suppressing components. Rules that affect level of detail related items in an assembly require a custom LOD to be defined and saved before they can be written or iLogic will generate an error message to that effect.

Setting a Level of Detail

  • In the model browser, expand the Representations folder and the Level of Detail folder.
  • Right-click the LOD node in the browser, and select new LOD.
  • A new level of detail will be added.
  • Click the Level of Detail representation “LevelofDetail1” and rename it to “iLogic”.

How to create an iLogic LOD (Level of Detail)

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