iLogic Tutorial From Autodesk – 08

Pattern the Screws

For each of the ports on the manifold block, we will use a pattern of four screws to attach the union cap to the block. We’ll use the corresponding screw that we’ve inserted into the assembly as the patterned component.

First, we’ll create the screw pattern for Port A.

  • Click the Pattern Component button on the Assembly panel bar to create a component pattern of the screw
  • Click on port_a_union_screw
  • Click the Rectangular tab
  • Click on the Column Direction Arrow
  • Click on the bottom horizontal edge of the Port A face
  • Enter 1.50 for the Horizontal distance
  • Click on the Row Direction arrow
  • Click on the left vertical side of the Port A face
  • Enter .69 for the Vertical distance

Adding Inventor Pattern Parameters

Repeat the above for Port B union screw and Port C union screws. Remember to rename the pattern when you are done. Your model should look like this when you are done…

Before you continue, save the file.

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