iLogic Tutorial From Autodesk – 04

Rename the Assembly Components

The components that have been added to the assembly so far are listed in the model browser. Presently the components’ names are the same as the file names that they reference. We are going to change the component names in our assembly so that they better reflect their purpose, and to remove the iPart member identification.

The reason we need to do this is because if an iLogic rule is referencing a component name, and that component name changes due to an iPart member change, the component name will be out of date
in the rule, causing the rule to fail to execute properly.

Renaming Inventor parts in the iPart Browser


  • Click on union_cap [Model Code = 050]:1 and change its name to port_a_union.
  • Click on union_cap [Model Code = 050]:2 and change its name to port_b_union.
  • Click on union_cap [Model Code = 050]:3 and change its name to port_c_union.
  • Click on Screw-01:1 and change its name to port_a_union_screw.
  • Click on Screw-01:2 and change its name to port_b_union_screw.
  • Click on Screw-01:3 and change its name to port_c_union_screw.


Editing iLogic Parts From Within an Assembly

Double click on manifold_block:1. Open the iLogic Parameter Editor by clicking the Parameters button in the iLogic toolbar or panel bar. Make sure that the following parameter values are set as indicated in the following table.

Parameter Value
block Tee
component_type Standard
port_a_size 0.50

Before you continue, save the assembly file…

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