iLogic Tutorial From Autodesk – 02

iPart Placement

The inventor 'Place' iPart commandIn this iLogic tutorial the assembly is a simple iPart manifold block with flange fittings that are held on with socket head cap screws. The block is the first part placed into the assembly.

The inventor ‘Place’ command click the Place tool from the Inventor Assemble ribbon tab.

  • In the Open dialog box, double-click manifold_block.ipt. (This is the part file you created in Tutorial 2.)

A grounded occurrence of the component is placed in the assembly with the part origin aligned with the assembly origin. A second occurrence of the part is attached to your cursor in the event that you want to place another. In this case you do not.

  • Right-click the graphics window and select Done.

Add Other Components

Image of the Manifold Block iPart

In addition to the block, this assembly will consist of a set of 3 union caps, and 3 sets of screws to attach the caps.

Add Union_Cap Components

Click the Place tool once more.

Double-click union_cap.ipt.

In the Place Standard iPart dialog box, choose the iPart
member Union-01 (Part Number U-050) under the Table tab.

Inventor iPart Dialog

Click in the graphics window to place the union near the
manifold block. Add three unions, then Dismiss the Place
Standard iPart dialog.

Placing multiple iParts


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iLogic Intro Three

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