iLogic Tutorial From Autodesk – 01

Starting a New Inventor Assembly File

Close any open Inventor files, and make sure the “iLogic 2010 Tutorials” project is active. This should have been installed along with Inventor iLogic.

Open a new Inventor assembly using the Standard.iam template.

The Inventor 'New File' dialog box

Assembly Process Overview

Let’s examine the steps you take to create the assembly:

  • Determine how the design will be used in the present application, and how it could be used in future applications.
  • Write the rules that you desire to have in your assembly in ordinary language (i.e., Plain English).These plain language rules we serve as a guide as you create the actual rules in the design using iLogic Rule language.

After you have written the rules in plain language, place the components into the assembly and:

  • Constrain the components and examine the remaining degrees of freedom.
  • Add more constraints as necessary to fully constrain all parts.

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