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Remove the Multi-Value List for the Mass parameter -Summary

Now set the mass to 150. The bracket width is now 2 inches.

Remove the Multi-Value List for the Mass parameter

Change the mass to 250. The width changes to 3 inches. When mass = 350, the width of the bracket is 4 inches. Entering any mass value greater than 400 results in bracket width of 6 inches. Verify this by setting the mass to 1500.


In this introductory exercise we have covered the following topics.

The Parameter Editor

  • Creating User, Boolean and String Parameters
  • Creating Multi-Value Parameters
  • Key Parameters as search filters
  • Modifying Parameters

The Rule Editor

  • Creating rules
  • Conditional Statements
  • Activation and deactivation of features
  • Driving part dimensions with a rule
  • Modifying an existing rule

These exercises have covered just a few of the many capabilities of Inventor iLogic. To learn more about iLogic, we suggest that you take time to complete the remaining tutorials provided.

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