iLogic Tutorial From Autodesk – 19

Remove the Multi-value List for the Mass parameter

The Multi-value User Parameter called mass will now be modified. We will remove the Multi-value list associated with this parameter by editing the multi-value list.

Right-click an empty cell in the mass row and select Edit Multi-Value List from the context menu.

Changing the the iLogic parameter to a Multi-value parameter.

Select all of the values in the “Value” list, and then click the Delete Selected Items button.

Deleting iLogic values using the Multi-Value List Editor List control

Click OK to accept the change. Notice that the mass parameter no longer has a multi value list to select from.

Test the modified rule

In the Parameter Editor, enter a mass value of 75. The width of the bracket is set to 1 inch.

Testing the modified iLogic Multi-Value List

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