iLogic Tutorial From Autodesk – 13

Renaming the iLogic Rule

The rule we just created requires a more descriptive name. To change name of the rule, open the iLogic Tree Editor. Click Modify_Feature once to highlight the rule, then click it again to make its name modifiable. Rename the rule to “Hole_Rule”, and click OK to close the iLogic Tree Editor.

     iLogic Tree Editor       Create new iLogic Rule

Rule #2 – Chamfer Activation

Now we’ll create a second iLogic rule. This new rule will control the activation of the chamfers on the bracket. Earlier we created a Boolean-type parameter called “chamfers”. The two possible values for a Boolean parameter are True and False; we will exploit this for turning chamfers on and off.

Add iLogic Rule

Click the Add Rule icon in the iLogic ribbon panel.

Name the new rule Chamfer_Rule. Click OK to open the iLogic Rule Editor.

Start the rule with an If statement. If the value for the Boolean parameter chamfers is true, then the Chamfers feature will be activated.

Starting a new iLogic Rule

When the value of the chamfers parameter is false, the Chamfers feature will be deactivated. The completed rule should look like this:

If chamfers = True Then
Feature.IsActive(“Chamfers”) = True
Feature.IsActive(“Chamfers”) = False
End If

Click OK to accept the rule, and in the absence of any error messages, the rule is ready to be tested.

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