iLogic Tutorial From Autodesk – 07

Creating an iLogic Rule

With the necessary parameters in place, we can now add logic to the model, in the form of rules. Rules can be used for various actions, including setting the values of parameters, activating or suppressing features, and many more. This tutorial will focus on just a few of the most common actions to demonstrate the power of an iLogic rule.

iLogic Rule #1 – Feature Suppression

To create a rule, click on the Add Rule icon on the iLogic panel of the Manage ribbon tab.

Autodesk Inventor Manage Tab

iLogic Rule Name dialog box


This will open up the Rule Name dialog. Name the rule: Modify_Feature.



Clicking OK opens the iLogic Rule editor window…

Opening the iLogic Rule Editor

There are several tabs at the top of this dialog box. Select the Model tab. In the top left panel of this window is a view of the model tree. Click on the Model Parameters node in the model tree. Notice that the top right panel now lists only the Model parameters.

Clicking on the iLogic Parameters node in the model tree results in only the iLogic parameters (String and Boolean types) being listed in the top right panel…

The iLogic Parameters node

To display the User parameters in the top right panel, click on the User Parameters node of the model tree.

Display user parameters

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