iLogic Tutorial From Autodesk – 05

Create a ‘Holes” Parameter String – Continued

In the Multivalue column of the “holes” row in iLogic Parameter Editor, notice the arrow indicating a drop down menu. Click this arrow to see the three string values you have just added.

iLogic MultiValue Parameter

Select the “flange” choice. Observe the current value of the hole parameter – flange – appearing in the Equation and the Nominal Value fields. Make this parameter a Key Parameter by clicking on the check box in the Key column cell.

iLogic Parameter Filter

Create a “chamfers” Parameter (Boolean)

Now we’ll create another parameter, which will control whether to use the chamfer feature on the bracket part.

Click in the empty cell at the bottom of the Name column, type chamfers. In the Type cell open the drop down menu and select Boolean. Click in another cell and notice a drop down menu in the Equation box with True and False as the available options. Make this a key parameter by clicking the check box in the Key column cell.

Change iLogic parameter value to Boolean

Click Done to close the iLogic Parameter Editor and complete the parameter creation process.

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