iLogic Tutorial From Autodesk – 03

iLogic Tutorial – Opening the iLogic Parameter Editor

Switch to the Manage tab of the Inventor ribbon. On the Parameters panel, locate the Parameters button. Expand the dropdown menu at the bottom of this button, and notice the iLogic Parameters command. Activate this command to bring up the iLogic Parameter Editor.

iLogic parameter editor on the manage Tab.


IParameter Filtersn the Parameter Filters box at the bottom of the Parameter Editor window, select the All option in both lists. This will display all of the parameters associated with the bracket model.

Create a “Mass” Parameter

In the blank cell at the bottom of the Name column of the list of parameters, enter the name mass. A drop down menu appears in the Type window. The available options are User, String and Boolean. Select the User option.

Choosing iLogic Parameter type.

Parameter names in iLogic are case-sensitive. Please be sure to follow the case being used in the parameter editor, and while creating rules. In the Unit field, choose ul from the drop down menu.

In the Equation field enter 100. Click in a blank field and observe 100.000000 in the Nominal Value Field. Make this a Key parameter by clicking in the check box in the Key column.

Testing the iLogic parameters

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