iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Three – 06

iLogic Tutorial Three – Creating the configurable cutter profiles

Rename the new sweep feature Edge_Profile_A. If everything looks good like in the image below, suppress the feature and we will begin the next one.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor-Three Page Six Image 01 - Compleated Sweep Feature

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor-Three Page Six Image 02 - Begin Second ProfileWe will be reusing the path and sketch plane for all of the sketches, so to begin the next sketch just grab the Create 2D Sketch tool and click on the Edge Profile Plane in the browser. Right click and slice the graphics. Make the Edge Path sketch visible and project the junction of the two lines again to create a point, then turn off the Edge Path sketch again.

Again create lines starting at the projected point and running horizontal and vertical, and this time a single three point roughly as shown. Grab the Tangent constraint and constrain the arc to each of the lines.


iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor-Three Page Six Image 03 - Coincdent ConstraintGet the Coincident Constraint tool and constrain both end points of the arc to the end point of the closest line. The arc should now be at 90° as shown to the left, and require one dimension. Add a Dimension of .125 to the arc, and the arc should turn dark blue, and the status bar should report the sketch as fully constrained. Finish the General Dimension command by right clicking and choosing Done.

Right click in the geometry window and choose finish sketch. Make the Edge Path visible again. Create the sweep cut feature exactly the same as last time. Turn the Edge Path sketch back off,  rename the sweep to Edge_Profile_B, supress the feature, and save the model.

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