iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Three – 04

iLogic Tutorial Three – Continuing the creation of  the profiles

With the point projected, we can now begin to draw the first profile. To begin the profile, get the Three Point Arc tool from the Draw Panel and create the arc on the right, then create a second arc starting at the end of the first. After setting the end of the second arc, above the center around until you see the Tangent Constraint Glyph near the intersection. Click to finish the second arc at that point.

Drawing the Arcs

Defining the Corner

We now need two lines at right angles to define the corner. Starting at the projected point in the corner, draw a Line from the corner leftwards to a point beyond the end of the of the arc segment  and do the same downwards. Make sure you see the little green dot when you begin each line, and the Horizontal or Vertical constraint glyph before ending either line. You should wind up with something that looks like the image to the right. Both new lines should be dark blue and the Status Bar (lower right area of the graphics window) should read 9 dimensions needed.

Adding the dimensions

We’ll add one of them now by getting the General Dimension tool from the Constrain Panel and selecting the point where the two arcs meet. Now select the top, horizontal, line and add the dimension .15 then right click and select ‘Done’ to end the command.

Now select the Tangent tool from the Constrain panel and select the lower arc as shown in the image to the left. Click the vertical line right next to the arc to create the constraint between the two lines. The arc should jump over to the line as the line cannot move to the arc.

Coincedent Constraints

We now need to add Coincident Constraints between each of the free arc ends to the nearest line ends (A and B). The image to the right shows were the ends are. At this point, the status bar should show 3 dimensions needed.

Now, get the Vertical constraint tool from the Constrain panel and add the constraint between the center-point of the lower arc and the junction point between the two arcs. This will make the lower arc constrained to 90°, and 2 dimensions needed to complete the sketch.


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