iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Three – 03

iLogic Tutorial Three – Creating the Profiles

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor-Three Page Three Image 01 - Creating the Equal Constraint    Before creating the profiles, reactivate the Edge Path sketch, and create an Equal Constraint between the two line segments. To do so, get the Equal constraint tool from the Constrain Panel , and select the two lines on the right hand side. You will need to cycle to the next selection in both cases until your line highlights. Creating this constraint will keep the plane centered on the stile, and will keep the lines (one or the other) from flipping (fold back over the other line) when resizing things later, causing a failure.

Now we can start the first profile on the plane we just made. Right click the plane in the browser and select New Sketch from the options. Rename the sketch to Edge Profile A without exiting the sketch environment. Now right click anywhere in the graphics window and choose Slice Graphics as shown below…

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor-Three Page Three Image 02 - First Edge Profile Sketch

…and zoom in on your sketch area as shown below.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor-Three Page Three Image 03 - Zoom In

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor-Three Page Three Image 03 - Projecting Geometry

Unless you feel you need it to keep your bearings, turn the visibility of the Edge Profile Plane off by right clicking it in the browser and un-checking the Visibility. We will now project the intersection of the lines onto our sketch. Get the Project Geometry tool from the Draw panel and click the intersection of the lines (upper right corner of the sliced stile), you will see a little red dot when you have it. After clicking, you should have a projected point which looks like the dashed crosses you projected earlier. A little black dot means you clicked on the line, and need to redo it.


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