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iLogic Tutorial – Modifying the Min/Max in the Parameter Limits Wizard

This page was modified on 12-10-09 to include the use of the  Parameter Limits Wizard to create message boxes that warn the user when the iLogic rules will not perform the task they have specified due to a dimension being outside of the acceptable range. While at it, I added rules for the rail and stile min/max values so that there is now no part of the door that can be created outside of spec.

All of the changes are within the ‘Limits’ rule, so go to the Manage Tab and open the iLogic Tree Editor, and double click the ‘Limits’ rule. When the Rule Editor opens, select all of the code then right click. Choose Comment Selection. The selected code will now turn grey, and will be disregarded by the program. The reson for doing this is because if for some reason the new code we write does not work, or cannot be finished in time for a production schedual, we can always Uncomment the code we know works fine and Comment the code we are working on and have full functionality untill we are satisfied the new code is complete.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Eighteen Image 01 - iLogic Code Editor

Once you have the original code commented out, select the Wizards tab near the top of the Rule Editor. Once on that tab, click the Parameter Limits button as shown below…

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Eighteen Image 02 - iLogic Parameter Limits Wizard

The Wizard Dialog will open up where you need to specify the parameter and the min / max values. All of this can be copied from the commented out rule. Start with the Opening_Height parameter. Copy and pasted from the old rules to the parameter window in the Wizard. Then for the min max values, 96 is the max and 6.9375 is the min. Click OK.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Eighteen Image 03 - iLogic Configurator

The Wizard should create some nicely commented code as shown in the image below…

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Eighteen Image 04 - Configurator

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