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iLogic Tutorial – Creating the iLogic Min/Max Limits Rule

Now for a little testing. Open the iLogic Parameter Editor from the Pattern Panel on the Manage tab, select All-Key in the filter settings (lower left) and situate your screen so that you can see the parameters as well as the door, similar to what is shown in the image below. The Opening_Height parameter is the parameter we will be changing.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Seventeen Image 01 - Testing with the iLogic Parameter Editor

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Seventeen Image 02 - Measuring the resultsStart testing by setting the height to 10″. The door should become 10″ high, and have two hinge bores with offsets at 2” as the rules state it should.

Now change the height to 110″ high. You will find that going over the maximum size in the hinge bore rule will simply re-size the door to the new height leaving whatever bore pattern had been active last –in this case, the 2” offset associated with doors under 12″.

As there is no new rule to follow at sizes over 96″ tall, the program is simply retaining the bore rule already applied by the 10″ height. It will do the same thing at the other three configurations as well. If you were to go from the 110″ height down to 88″, it would show the four hinges in the correct locations because 88″ falls within a defined rule. Try the other Handed rules to make sure they are working, then close the iLogic parameter Editor. its time to create the last rule.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Seventeen Image 03 - The iLogic add rule window
Click on the Add Rule icon on the iLogic Panel on the Manage tab. Name the rule Limits and click OK.


Below you will see the entire code for the Limits rule. It says that if the opening width is set to anything less than the minimum, to reset it to the minimum. It also reduces any wider stiles down to 2″, which I am guessing is the company’s standard. The next part sets the max. width at 48″, and the lower section does the same things for the height.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Seventeen Image 04 - iLogic Code

Note: Since writing this tutorial, I have found a better code for the limits using the Paramiter Limits Wizard. It creates code that does exactly the same as this (less the Rail and Stile resets) with the addition of an error message that tells the user what is going on. Continue to write and use the code above, and I’ll show you how to modify it later…

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