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iLogic Tutorial – Configuring the iLogic Configurator

The Edit Rule dialog will now open up. there are five steps to get the first line of code written. The first is clicking the If button at the bottom of the code window. A red If will appear in the code window. The second step is to single click on iLogic Parameters located in the list under the Model tab. This will display all iLogic parameters in the model. The only one we have is the Handed parameter, and it shows up in the window to the right. Double click the Handed parameter to add it to the code in the code window. As you can see, the Handed parameter has an Equation of Left. It also has two others, Right and None, but unfortunately there is no way to display that info here. Type an equal sign then “Left” in parenthesis. To enter the last part of this line, click the Then button at the bottom of the code window. You should now have If Handed = “LeftThen.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Thirteen Image 01 - iLogic Rule Editor

What we have written so-far is a line of code that says if the multi-value parameter we created earlier called Handed is set to the Left” option, then… do something. We haven’t written what that something is yet. So let’s do so now.

What we want the “Left” setting to do is have all left style bores available (unsuppressed) and all Right stile bores unavailable. To start writing this, click on the Rule Syntax tab. What we are looking for is a code snippet that says Feature.IsActive(“featurename”). if you highlight the selections on the right and left shown below, you will have the code available in the center as shown. Make sure you have hit enter to get to the next line in the code, then double click the code snippet Feature.IsActive(“featurename”) to enter it into the code window.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Thirteen Image 02 - iLogic syntax tab

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Thirteen Image 03 - iLogic Code

Your code should now look like that to the right. And read:  If Handed = “Left” Then Feature.IsActive(“featurename”)

Now scroll the model tab down until the features you recently created are visible. The first one visible is the Sm Right_Cup_Bore. Change the right hand window to the Names tab, then click on the Sm Right_Cup_Bore feature in the model window to make the same value available in the window under the Names tab as show below.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Thirteen Image 04 - Model Tab of the iLogic Rule Editor

Now highlight the “featurename” (not the quotes) in the code window, then double click the Sm Right_Cup_Bore feature name that you just added to the Names window. The feature’s name will now take the place of the generic featurename from the original code snippet. Now add a space then an equal sign then another space, then finish with the value False and hit enter.

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