iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor – 11

iLogic Tutorial – And yet more patterning of the hinge bore extrusions!

Now we need to turn the visibility of the Lg Hinge Layout back on, and create some holes. Click on the Hole tool on the Modify Panel . The preview in the graphics window should look like the image below…

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Eleven Image 01 - Deselecting

To get things correct, we need to deselect the two dowel pins, leaving the cup bore selected, change the selected Solid from the right stile to the left stile, change the drill point to Flat , and finally change the drill diameter to Hinge_Cup_Diam. When the preview looks like the image below, click OK to create the hole. Rename the hole Left_Cup_Bore and save.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Eleven Image 02 - Using the Hole Tool

Now create the two dowel holes. You should need to change the Solid, Drill Point, and Hole Diameter settings to get a set of holes that matches those below. rename the new holes  Left_Dowel_Bores, turn off the visibility of the sketch, and save.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Eleven Image 03 - The Hole

We can now create the three patterns of this side’s hole set. Start by getting the Rectangular tool from the Pattern Panel and selecting the two hole features just created. With the direction tool, select the long edge of the stile, then select the Flip button to get it going the correct way. The instance number should be at two, which is correct, and the distance should be set to the Mirror_Offset_L parameter. Click OK to accept the settings and create the feature. Rename it to Med Pattern Left, and suppress it. Save the part. The next pattern is the same as this one with the exceptions of the count being changed to three, and the distance changed to Mirror_Offset_L / 2 which is the same parameter with the addition of the divided by 2 suffix. This should create a set of three hole sets just like it did on the other side. Rename the feature LG Pattern Left, suppress it, and save.

The last pattern is exactly the same as the last one with the exceptions of the count now being 4, and the distance parameter Mirror_Offset_L being divided by 3 to get Mirror_Offset_L / 3. Rename the feature XLG Pattern Left and save. The features are now complete.

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