iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor – 10

iLogic Tutorial – More patterning of the hinge bore extrusions

When everything looks correct as they do in the image below, click OK to accept the settings and create the feature.  Rename the new feature Sm Left_Cup_Bore. Now suppress the bore holes on the right side and save the file.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Ten Image 01 - Drilling the Door's holes.

Your part should now look like the one below…

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Ten Image 02 - Blum Pattern Holes

Now for the dowel holes. Start by getting the tool. Again you will want to change the hole diameter first so that you can see what you are doing as the tool will default to the large holes last used. Now click on the button, push down the Ctrl key, and deselect all of the holes that are not needed. Then select the Solids button right below the Centers button, select the correct stile, and deselect the incorrect stile. Again, select the Flat bottom Drill Point option. You should have something that looks like the image below…

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Ten Image 03 - The Blum Hinge pattern

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Ten Image 04 - The final Blum Hinge hole set…if so, hit the OK button to create the feature. Rename the new feature Sm Left_Dowel_Bores and turn the visibility of the Sm Hinge Layout off. We will now pattern the new features to the other side of the stile by selecting the Rectangular tool from the Pattern Panel, selecting both features in the browser, setting the direction (and flipping it to the correct orientation), setting the instances to 2, and the parameter to Mirror_Offset_S from the recent list or the parameter list. The correct solid should be selected, and the preview should show the three holes at the other end of the part in the correct place. If all looks good, click OK to create the pattern. Rename the new pattern Sm Pattern Left, then suppress all three of the left hand features justcreated. Save the part.

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