iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor – 09

iLogic Tutorial – Patterning the hinge bore extrusions

Next we will create a three set pattern from the same base holes. To begin, right click the pattern just created and suppress the feature. grab the tool from the Pattern Panel , and select the same two features from the browser as last time, the Right_Cup_Bore and the Right_Dowel_Bores. Set the direction and Flip it to the correct orientation. Now for the differences…..change the count from two to three, and add a forward slash (division symbol) and a 2 to divide the original parameter by two. The space parameter should now read Mirror_Offset_L / 2 and you should have a preview that looks like the one below.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Nine Image 01 - iLogic Tutorial preview

Click OK to create the new pattern, rename it LG Pattern Right, and suppress the new feature. Now for the last of the right stile bore patterns. This feature will be created exactly the same way, but this time change the count  to 4 and divide the spacing by 3 (Mirror_Offset_L / 3). The preview should look like the one below. If so, click OK to accept. Rename the feature XLG Pattern Right.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Nine Image 02 - iLogic configuration Rules being added

The part will look a bit funny with four hinge bores on such a small door, but it will never look like this once the iLogic rules are added. one the rules are added, the door at this height will automatically  have two holes. It is now time to duplicate what was done on the right stile on the left stile. Start by shutting off the visibility of the Lg Hinge Layout sketch and turn on the visibility of the Sm Hinge Layout. Save the file. You should now have a part that looks similar to the image below. I left the right side holes unsuppressed for now just as a visual to make sure the correct side is being worked on.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Nine Image 03 - Inventor iLogic Rules-Based Design Configurator

Again we will create the set of holes with the smaller end offset first and its corresponding pattern first. Again we will start with the cup bore. One big difference is that the wrong solid (the right stile) will be selected by default. To get the correct stile selected, click the Solids Button over on the left hand side of the dialog box, and select the correct stile. Press down the Ctrl key and deselect the right stile –if you don’t, there will be a hole feature in that part as well, even though it is completely off the part. Again you need to deselect all of the unwanted holes, change the hole bottom to flat, and change the hole diameter to the Hinge_Cup_Diam which will be on the list when clicking on the ‘more’ arrow to the right of the diameter entry box.

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