iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor – 07

iLogic Tutorial – Extruding the hinge bores

Now change the name from Hole1 to Sm Right_Cup_Bore. The spelling and case are very important as they will be used in the iLogic code later. The next holes are the dowel hole on the same side. They are created the same way as the cup bore, with the only differences being the points selected and the diameter of the holes. Once you select the Hole tool, you will notice that the previews show the large 35 mm holes from the previous operation. Change the hole diameter to the Hinge_Dowel_Diam parameter first to make it easier to see what is going on. Now click on the center button to make the command active, and deselect all of the selections except the two dowel holes on the right stile as shown in the image below…

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Seven Image 01 - iLogic Tutorial Hole Tool

…now you just need to set the hole bottom at flat, and click OK to accept the settings and create the holes. The sketch will not disappear this time. rename the hole feature in the feature browser to Sm Right_Dowel_Bores.

We will now pattern these holes to create the other (bottom) set located at the other end of this (right) stile. Go to the Pattern Panel and get the Rectangular pattern tool. The feature selector will be active, so select the two hole features you just created in the browser window. This will select all three holes, and should select the right stile as the solid that the operation will be performed on. Now in the direction 1 dialog on the left, click on the button with the little red arrow located directly below the Direction 1 text, and select the long edge closest to you. In the image below, you can see the green arrow and preview of the hole going in the wrong direction. If yours is the same, click the Flip button right next to the arrow button (if you pause your  cursor over it, it will say Flip , the other one that is very similar is the Midplane selector)…

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page Seven Image 02 - Inventor hole tool settings

   Once clicked, the preview and arrow will flip to the right orientation.  Now check the first drop-down box that controls how many instances to create. If it has a 2 in it, go to the next drop-down that controls the distance between the instances. click the arrow and choose List Parameters. Choose Mirror_Offset_S from the list. you will see the preview shoot down to the far side. Click OK to accept the settings and create the feature.

Autodesk Inventor's Feature Browser

Rename the newly created feature Rectangular Pattern 1 to Sm Pattern Right in the browser and save the part. now turn off the visibility of the Sm Hinge Layout sketch and turn on the visibility of the Lg Hinge Layout. Now select all three features just created (hold down the Ctrl key), right click, and choose Suppress Features from the list. The features just created should now disappear.


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