iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor – 01

iLogic Tutorial – Setting the Inventor Parameters

The first thing to do is add the parameters required  to create the hinge layout sketches. They are not iLogic Parameters (there will be one coming later), but are your everyday Inventor Parameters. The majority of the functionality added via iLogic in this tutorial will be rules that act upon features created with the parameters below that are driven by the width and height parameters created in the first iDoor tutorial.

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page One Image 01 - Adding an iLogic parameter

If you don’t have the iDoor.ipt part open in Inventor, do so now.  Now activate the Manage Tab, and select the regular Inventor Parameters. Click the ‘Add’ button and add all of the parameters listed below. If you don’t cut & paste, make sure you get them exactly.


User Parameters Unit Equation Export?
Hinge_Offset_L in 3.5 in No
Hinge_Offset_S in 2.25 in No
Hinge_Dowel_Space mm 45 mm No
Hinge_Dowel_Offset mm 9.5 mm No
Hinge_Dowel_Diam mm 8 mm No
Hinge_Cup_Diam mm 35 mm No
Hinge_Bore_Depth in 0.5 in No
Hinge_Setback mm 5 mm No
Mirror_Offset_L in ( Opening_Height – ( Insert_Gap * 2 ul ) ) – ( Hinge_Offset_L * 2 ul ) No
Mirror_Offset_S in ( Opening_Height – ( Insert_Gap * 2 ul ) ) – ( Hinge_Offset_S * 2 ul ) No


Now that you have all of the normal parameters created, we will create the iLogic Parameter we need called ‘Handed’. This parameter will be used to set whether the door is right or left handed, or has no hinge bore.

The iLogic parameter table always has a blank line at the bottom ready to fill in. Enter Handed in the Name column, and choose String from the Type drop-down. Now, right click anywhere in the row and a little box will pop up showing the two choices Make Multi-Value and Delete Parameter. Obviously you want to select the former…

iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page One Image 02 - Creating a multi-value iLogic parameter

After selecting  Make Multi-Value, the Value List Editor dialog box will pop up to enter the values. Enter the values: Left, Right, and None, hitting enter between them to get a list as shown below left. When the list is completed, click the Add button at the upper right.

            iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page One Image 03 - iLogic Value List Editor           iLogic Tutorial for the iDoor Page One Image 04 - iLogic Value List Editor

All of the items entered in the top pane will be added to the bottom pane as shown in the image to the above right. Click OK to accept the values and close the dialog box.Hope you enjoy this iLogic tutorial!

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