iLogic Tutorial – Derived Block Library – Intro

iLogic Tutorial – Derived Block Library – Introduction

This iLogic tutorial uses a raised panel such as the ones found on cabinet doors and end panels to demonstrate the creation and insertion of block libraries into Autodesk Inventor parts. When combined with the new multi-solid body functionality in Inventor 2010, it becomes a powerful mechanism for the delivery and use of 2D profiles. The most obvious use is the creation by manufacturers of profile libraries that can be used by their customers to rapidly develop designs using accurate cutter profiles.

The manufacturer benefits by having their tooling representations readily available for specification in many thousands of designs, and the designer benefits by not having to hunt down tooling and deal with out of date, and/or poorly drawn specifications.

The Block Library functionality is not included in the main iDoor tutorial, but could easily be added. If I were to do it over again, I would do so. It will be incorporated into the final versions of all of the custom cabinetry models.

The end result will be a custom kitchen program that can be tailored to exactly fit the capabilities of any cabinet shop, and the tooling and other libraries that can be shared by all. Sweet!

The tutorial starts below the lame video…


– iLogic Tutorial for the Derived Block Library –



Derived Block Library

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