iLogic Tutorial – Derived Block Library – 13

iLogic Tutorial –  13 –  Testing the iLogic Rules

With the iLogic code completed, the parts is done except for the testing. Fire up the iLogic Parameter Editor and set the filter (bottom left) to All-Key and test all of the values for the Profile parameter.

At some point I should update the iDoor tutorial to have all of the profiles, cope & stick, panel, and edge, represented with a profile block library in this manor. I’ve had this schema in mind since Beta testing Inventor 2010 a year ago, but never got around to trying it out because of the massive hours I was putting in at my former job.

I will likely just create the final version of the iDoor to match a real-world cabinet shop’s specifications and move on to the drawer and case models as time is a factor. There will be at least one more iLogic tutorial in the series though, one that deals with output. I would like to add the ability to generate standard drawings, cutlists, and hopefully G-Code for NC machinery.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this iLogic tutorial……….if so, please link to it from your homepage, blog, or even newsgroup discussions so that others can learn as well. Also, be sure to check out the other iLogic tutorials & whatnot, and stop back often as new stuff is being added daily. Thanks!


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Derived Block Library

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